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The dalmatians Kennel "GlorianduS" was registered in RKF - FCI, in late 2006.

But, the first own breeding puppies as the first champions, born before, with the prefix of another kennel owned by our family: "iz Osenney Skazki"


Today "GlorianduS" - the small hobby kennel, specializing in breeding dalmatians. Our basic blood female and stud dog live in our home and are full members of the family.

Progeny of our dogs live with their loving owners.

Our Dalmatians are pleasant companions, athletes and of course successful "show" dog.

So, in 2016, at the World Dog Show, our Dalmatian was awarded the title - Best of Breed!

For the first time, a dog from Russia wins the breed for the World Dog Show and this is a dog of our breeding!

Our kennel is a friendly team of owners and admirers

of our dogs, united by love for these beautiful breeds.

On the pages of this site you can get acquainted with our breeding base, breeding results and get an idea of the desired breed type.


A few words about the prefix...

Name kennel, gave us one of the great languages of the world - Latin.

The history of the word Gloriandus, its roots go deep into centuries, and represents the glory.

His modern translation reads as: 

Worthy of Glory !

  • Today our puppies live in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. Their new owners are successful breeders and just lovers of Dalmatians.


  • We have 50 national champions of our own breeding, as well as Top Dalmatians of Russia, champions and winners in their countries.


  • Kennel regularly has puppies from our best dogs who grow up in love and care in the resort suburb. Puppies spend a lot of time outdoors and eat natural meat nutrition.

  • Puppies have an appropriate medical examination, hearing test, chipping and vaccination with international vaccines with the issuance of an international veterinary passport.

      At the time of sale, our puppy will have a small tattoo with

      a number in his ear.


  • We help our new puppy owners with delivery and paperwork for successful import anywhere in the world.


Gnezdo_p-2019 (16)_edited.jpg

Here you can choose a puppy as a pet or a dog with the possibility of breeding and show.

We do not give show guarantees for a small puppy!

If you are looking for a risk-free show dog, it must be a junior over 8 months old.
However, we are always ready for dialogue and discussion of conditions with adequate and serious people if they decide to purch
ase a puppy with show prospects.

If you have any questions - write to e-mail.

Sincerely, the GLS team  

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