The dalmatians Kennel "Gloriandus" was registered in РКФ-FCI, in late 2006.
But, the first own breeding puppies as the first champions, born before, with the prefix of another kennel owned by our family: "iz Osenney Skazki"

Today "Gloriandus" - the small hobby kennel, specializing in breeding dalmatians. Our basic blood bitch and stud dog live in our home and are full members of the family.
Progeny of our dogs live with their loving owners.
Our dalmatians successful "show" dogs and pleasant companions
The main priority in breeding for us is health, temperament, harmony
and breed type.

A few words about the prefix...
Name kennel, gave us one of the great languages of the world - Latin.
The history of the word Gloriandus, its roots go deep into centuries, and represents the glory.
His modern translation reads as:  Worthy of Glory !